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What Could You Do to Improve Your Chances of Getting A Job

what could you do to improve your chances of getting a job

It’s not that easy to land a job, particularly in today’s demanding, competitive business climate. Therefore, you need find out about what you could do to improve your chances of getting a job. 

what could you do to improve your chances of getting a job

Also after months of searching, several applicants can not find a position. Often, all you need to do is reassess your job hunting strategies to boost your hiring chances. A list of things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job, is provided below.

What Could You Do to Improve Your Chances of Getting A Job

At this point, we are presenting 8 things you could do to improve your chances of getting a job.

1. Be creative when composing your CV

When hundreds of people are vying for the same task, HR workers will spend as little as 10 seconds looking at your CV. It is very important therefore that yours look impressive and stand out from the rest. By being imaginative with your CV you can definitely give yourself a competitive advantage.

2. Don’t skip the cover letter

The cover letter is a representation of your personality, and it can be used by recruiters to determine if you qualify for the job. The way the cover letter is written will point out the difference between success and failure. So make sure yours clearly communicates your skill and passion for the job.

3. Emphasise your strengths and accomplishments

Many applicants make the error of creating resumes that look like a description of a job. Spice up your CV by highlighting your strengths and achievements. Through your hire chances by demonstrating in detail what you have accomplished when working on your previous job. In doing so, you can pull out your resume and give the HR director a sense of what you can bring to the position they are trying to fill.

4. Enterprise analysis

You should take it upon yourself to do your due diligence to convince a company that you’re a perfect fit for them. Most companies have a website which allows applicants to learn more about their business line. Read the profile of the company to find out what they are in a potential employee for.

5. Apply for over a job

Most applicants believe that only one job can be applied for in a given company. This is not so. If you feel you are qualified for different jobs available, it’s ok to apply for more than one job. It can improve one ‘s probability of being hired.

6. Continue to follow up

Once you’ve received feedback about your application from a client, you can follow up from time to time. Any applications may have been missed or lost, due to a large number of applicants. It’s okay to remind them of you at scattered times. When you have already been interviewed but for whatever reason you are unable to get the job, you should follow up by thanking them and asking them to keep you in mind should anything change.

7. Register to join LinkedIn

Having a profile on LinkedIn can give you an edge over the competition. Many recruiters look at the LinkedIn profiles when their company has jobs available. If you do not have an account with LinkedIn, you may miss out on job opportunities. So sign up for LinkedIn now and make sure that your profile is complete and includes all the necessary details like education, qualifications and work experience. Recruiters can use that information to determine if you are a good fit to them or not.

8. Make the most of your ‘network’

Equally important as having a LinkedIn profile, having a contact network can enhance your chances of getting a job. Friends , relatives, alumni associations, and most importantly, someone who already works at the business that you’re targeting can all provide leads on job openings. Even with the advent of online resources and social media, nothing can replace the “recommendation” that is tried and tested coming from someone close to you.

Wrapping it up

The job market is highly competitive. If you don’t want to be left behind, you need an action plan to increase your chances of getting a job posted. Think about ways to please your ideal employer, and take any opportunity to convince them that you are the person they need. Definitely, those are part of what you could do to improve your chances of getting a job that seems difficult for others.

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