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Sweden Web Development Companies [2020] Full Reviews

Sweden web development companies
Sweden web development companies
Sweden web development companies

Although all the countries around the world are becoming more competitive in the field of web creation, Sweden is not backing off either. With its increasing number of brilliant Web developers, this country has frequently gained higher ranks. If you’re starting to look for web development companies in Sweden, you’ll get surprised to see so many people enter the web development industry.

Web development is a term which includes tasks necessary to develop a website. Companies and agencies are constantly searching for and hiring web developers to construct their sites or to offer services to others for web development.

Websites available through the Internet or the Intranet constantly require developers. Website owners also try out renowned companies for developers. Sweden has a significant number of web developers, most of whom are high ratings. Sweden got an average score index of 79.9 and ranked 25th among all other countries in 2016 based on advances in web growth.

Some of Sweden Biggest Web Development Companies

Sweden has more than 300 web development firms. Each company has over 100 Web engineers, software engineers, web designers, web content designers, developers of network security, and many more. Some of the firms had higher ratings, and some had lower ratings based on service.

Website owners can simply enter into a web developer hire contract with a company. Let’s look at the specifics of some of Sweden’s most prominent web development firms.

      • Sigma Software

Sigma Software is a software development consulting firm that employs about 700 employees. Sigma Software, established in 2002, is headquartered in Kharkiv, Ukraine and has offices in the United States, Poland and Sweden. It is specialized in the creation of mobile apps, Web development, and custom applications. The company focuses on the automotive and advertisement & marketing markets.

Sigma Software has developed and released a marketing website for an advertisement technology business. The company had a general concept for the platform but had to introduce it with the technological skills. Using a team of 8-12 developers Sigma Software supported system design and coding. Within 6 months the launched ad platform started to produce revenue successfully and received positive reviews.

Sigma Software Review

Sigma Technology Analysis Sigma Software is considered a strategic partner and an integral part of what we are doing at this moment.

      • The Softlabs Corporation

Softlabs Corporation is a software company with branches in India, Great Britain and Sweden. We are skilled in the development of custom software, the web and mobile apps and are also experienced in Blockchain and IoT. Softlabs Group was formed in 2003, and has a team of nearly 25 employees.

By developing a client management system from scratch, the Softlabs Group helped an electricity supplier revitalize its business. The software application helped customers to register and bill electricity suppliers and needed to communicate with other power suppliers.

Softlabs Corporation Review

To most achievements they hold. If there were delays, they would be delays that we could easily handle, so they didn’t necessarily hamper the overall development progress. “– Operations Manager, Electricity Supplier

      • Stigasoft Stigasoft

Stigasoft Stigasoft is an IT solutions company headquartered in Gurgaon, India with a second headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 2009 and now employs a team of over 80 who provide web develo. The team has provided web design and development, e-commerce development, mobile development, and UX / UI design services for large corporations across a range of industries since its inception in 2004.

      • Ustwo Studio

Ustwo was working with a major bank to help with a project focused on geolocation. The team received the UX strategies to be used in prototype creation. We satisfied the customer with their positive work ethic and skill set.

Ustwo Studio Review

Ustwo Studio analysis their ability to travel really quickly was something that differentiated them as we examined how they work. They had a fantastic developer with us early on who was great in business .”— Executive Manager, Large Bank.


      • Valtech

Valtech is a development company that specializes in Sitecore, with 36 additional offices in 16 countries headquartered in London.

Established in 1993, they have more than 2400 employees who work mainly with mid-market and enterprise firms. Resources include technology and web design, software creation, social media, digital marketing, and IT consultancy.

Valtech Review

Valtech developed a web application for an auto manufacturer with the goal of creating a virtual car buying experience for people who do not visit car showrooms.

      • Digital Dividend

Digital Dividend stands as one the Sweden web development companies and it is a full-service design and development agency headquartered in Vasteras, Sweden with a second branch office in Karachi, Pakistan. The agency was founded in 2007 and has a team of 59 employees who provide mobile app creation, web design, web development, IT strategy consulting, and wearable app development services.

Digital Dividend has helped a tech company create a food delivery app. It used. NET to build apps for Android and Windows, and developed the UI too. Digital Dividend now assists the client on a partnership with AdPlay. Digital Dividend was thanked by the customer for the consistency of its work and for its good communication skills.

Digital Dividend Review

With more than 200 restaurants hosted on the website, the company has excelled in its business. It introduces menus, and makes customer orders easier. Currently, it’s a leading contender in food apps .”— Owner, Software Company.

      • DVC Solution Inc

DVC Solutions is a software development company headquartered in Chicago, with other offices in Halmstad, Sweden, and Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Founded in 2013, they have about 16 employees who do web development, mobile app creation, custom software development, and UX / UI design.

Established in 2009, they have just under 40 employees, and operate in a variety of industries including IT and transportation for mid-market and small businesses.

      • iCoderz Solutions

In addition to mobile applications, iCoderz has recently grown to provide design and development of a full-cycle website.

iCoderz created a mobile startup marketplace app for the Ahmedabad area. The client decided to create an app that would centralize service listings such as mobile device repair, movers and packers, and home cleaners, and favored collaborating with a local company. Within the time frame of the client, iCoderz delivered native iOS and Android applications, and provided constant communication.

iCoderz Solutions Review

iCoderz Solutions delivered top-level talent at reasonable rates, and our expectations were balanced by the product it created. Their team has saved us time and extra resources throughout the entire project .”— Co-Founder, Services Startup.


      • Invid, LLC – Sweden Web Development Company

Invid, LLC is some other among numerous Sweden web development companies and it is a software development agency headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico with offices in Arlington, Virginia, and Sweden. Established in 2003, it has just over 30 employees. Invid, LLC provides web development, custom software development, mobile app development, and UX / UII.

      • iCrossing

Since 1998, iCrossing  has been operating. This company’s total revenue is in excess of 10 million dollars. While this company has only 55 full-time staff, it has managed to bag big projects and keep the customers. They also offer search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, and local SEO services as well as web creation.

iCrossing Review

This firm has been working for The Coca-Cola Group, Toyota, Bank of America, and many other well-known firms.

      • Dynamicweb

This company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Dynamicweb provides support for Web creation and Web design. Established in 2009, this company has crossed USD 3 million in sales.

      • Digital Marketing

Agency Digital Marketing Agency is a web development company and another Swedish web development company that also offers optimisation of the search engine, web design, reputation management, pay per click management, etc. With nearly a hundred full-time staff, this company is generating sales of more than $10 million. It has a retention rate of 96 per cent for clients. Established in 2002, this company has had 500 + active customers since then.

      • VJG Interactive

VJG Interactive is another well established organization with over 150 full-time staff and over 600 active clients. This company was established in 2006 and has sales of 10 million dollars or more. It’s been working with Subway, ACE electronics, Studio 8 and a lot more. This company provides SEO, PPC management, reputation management, etc. in addition to web creation.

      • Ablaze, Sweden Web Development Firm

This company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded in 2007, and has been successfully doing business ever since. This company has revenue of about $5 million, with only 28 full-time employees.

      • Strangelogic Sweden

Strangelogic Sweden is a web development company that has been offering optimization services for web creation, local SEO and Search Engine since 2010. It has a retention rate of about 92 per cent for the company.

      • Axess Lab

Axess Lab is a digital development company which aims to make products available to all. Founded in 2014, they are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and have a team of 10 employees. We are specialized in application research, web development and UX / UI design. They work in the IT and non-profit industries mainly with clients.

Axess Lab Review

For a work matching site, Axess Lab built a web-app. They developed the platform including architecture and Interface to make it easy to use, including for people with poor vision, cognitive disability, or decreased motor function. The customer was impressed by the quality of their work. People are interested in them, so they take time for everybody involved in the project.

      • Better Software Group

Better Software Group is a provider of software solutions founded in 2010. We have since grown to 40 staff through offices in Wroclaw and Warsaw, Poland, Göteborg, Sweden, Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark. Better Software Group offers a range of services to mostly mid-size companies.

      • dinStudio

dinStudio is another web development company which was founded in 2003, including mobile app creation, UX / UI design, internet stuff creation, and web development. It also provides facilities for the SEO, PPC management and web design.

      • iProsite

With only 15 full-time workers, iProsite has generated revenue of nearly $3 million. Even with that limited number of workers, this business has had tremendous success. Now, it has over 138 successful clients.

      • Bridge Global

Bridge Global is an IT software company based in Schipol, Netherlands. In addition, they  possess various offices including Kochi located in India, Kiev in Ukraine, Stockholm established in Sweden and East Brunswick, NJ. Their team has grown to approximately 110 employees since it was founded in 2005. Bridge Global offers the development of custom software, web development, application testing and IT managed services.

Bridge Group was brought in by a digital agency client to outsource work for an overwhelmingly large project. Bridge Global has developed a Magento e-commerce website and is now doing database research, quality control, and custom coding.

Bridge Global Review

Bridge Global has a long-term strategic vision of the business, as opposed to the hit-and-run approach seen with other partners. It’s a very thorough and thoughtful community.

      • Chimplie

Chimplie is known as a software development company located and headquartered in Stockholm; they have various offices in London and Kiev, Ukraine as well. Founded in 2016, Chimplie has grown to have about 11 employees who do web development, custom software department globally.

      • Cybercom Group

Cybercom Group is a software development company based in Warsaw, Poland with additional offices in Lodz and Bydgoszcz, Poland, Tampere and Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm and Göteborg, Sweden. Founded in 1997, 1185 employees include web development, custom apps, mobile development, stuff internet, and more.

CybercYom Group Review

Cybercom Group has partnered with a German mechanical engineering company to help them grow into products allowed for IoT. They hired a large-scale team to work on and incorporate many new technologies into some of their existing equipment. Customer was pleased with the pace of development of Cybercom, especially given the sophisticated nature of the mission.

      • CFI Group

The CFI Group has been offering web development services to this organization since 1998. It has since gained revenue of nearly $10 million. It has a retention rate of 93 per cent for clients.

Wrapping it up!

Thus, these were among Sweden’s most renowned web development firms. There are just some of the Sweden Web Development Companies in here, but there is a lot more in Sweden. Check the web and you will find several more to help you build a great website.

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