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Importance of Digital Marketing in Retail

The key to having a healthy retail market is a good digital marketing strategy.

What Is Marketing Objective

Digital Marketing ‘s main objective is to take advantage of the tactics out of the offline world by applying different marketing strategies and bringing them into the online world.

In the retail world , companies that have improved their e-commerce have tested how easily you can generate income through a set of conditioning factors offered by digital marketing (lower costs, creativity, more specific target approaches or tools that help manage the customer relationship).

Although consumers still tend to go to the physical store to see and try the product, more and more online shopping is gaining ground due to technical advances and e-commerce facilities (online trials, Augmented reality, virtual mirrors)

The huge competition between brands and the nature of a hyper-connected customer, fully informed and more likely to change if he is not given what he wants, has forced any brand that respects itself to have an excellent online presence.

Today, due to the rising e-commerce and online sales, more than 5000 stores in the United States have been forced to close their doors. In order to avoid these issues, it is necessary in Retail Marketing, apart from taking care of the image of your physical business, to opt for an omnican Retail strategy, which means reaching the consumer through a multitude of channels, online and offline. For this, and with regard to the digital portion, it is important to have an integrated site and/or e-commerce in which, through its digital content, consumers can be captured by providing value through various actions that catch the interest of the user in what you are offering.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Retail – Content

Content, an integral marketing strategy inside your online business.

When we think about digital content, then all is material. An interesting, important, useful content that adds value to the consumer, helps place your brand on the internet and is the basic component that lets you create an audience that might become customers.

Content is also the backbone of all social network networking techniques, email marketing, web and numerous communication campaigns.

Visual Content

The importance of visual content in your e-commerce to create attractive and eye-catching information will be key in attracting the user to your web. The visual dimension is the key in the marketing strategy for your company. If the visual content is fine, make sure it creates perception (recognition of your mark).

The human brain is predominantly visual and visual is 90 per cent of the information conveyed to the brain. – “Marketers of Indies”
Visual content based on images, infographics, gifs, sketches, diagrams, illustrations, maps or videos is commonly used by brands to promote user access and create fast connections, increase web interaction and traffic by 12%. If you want to increase your e-commerce conversion rate by 120 per cent, using video is vital. Also, if we look at Wyzowl ‘s study, we see how people tend to remember about 20 percent of what they are reading, and only 10 percent of what they are hearing. By comparison, the same studies showed that people tend to remember 80 percent of what they see in images. In short, visual content is the mostshared content and that is a key point when it comes to incorporating it into a good marketing strategy for inbound marketing. Today, all approaches for digital marketing are focused on Inbound marketing.

It is a mechanism that needs more control of time, imagination, work and performance, but it is a much more reliable, observable, economical and adequate method to the present reality.

“85 per cent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after seeing the product’s content.” – INDI Marketers.

A simple example of e-commerce optimisation: Jules & Jenn
The French business Jules & Jenn, whose slogan is “from our factories to your closets, we sell at the right price without intermediaries” is a good example of streamlined e-commerce. We have created 3 types of visual content with this main objective and its transparency when only selling their handmade products online. First the images of the product in the studio (bags, belts, purses, men’s and women’s shoes).  Second the images of the outside with the product in use. This always makes the difference in technological, mechanical or assembly products, and is particularly useful.

Third and final, the photos that were taken inside their factories to demonstrate the company’s openness policy. We visited France, Portugal and Spain for this. There’s a section on the website where we introduced the history of its three factories located in Elche, Alicante and Oporto. It’s very easy to navigate the website thanks to its usability. Jules & Jenn is a good example of a company that has been able to adapt thier strategies to deliver customer value, and where user-brand engagement occurs.

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