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Football Manager 2020 Mobile [Unblock] FM 20 Apk Obb 11.3.0

Football manager 2020 mobile

Football manager 2020 mobile

Football manager 2020 mobileManage your football club, your way in Football Manager 2020 Mobile this season-the easy road to great footballing.

Create your dream squad seamlessly, win titles and experience the thrill as you fight to the very top of the game, wherever and whenever you want. With more than 60 leagues from 21 of the top soccer nations, are you going to compete for domestic glory or opt for an abroad adventure?

Your choice of club is the place where your story begins. Will you pick a good team or a sleeping giant requiring a new direction? It’s your own call.

With the world’s best players in your pocket, you’ll be searching the world’s largest player database and putting together a talented squad of winners.

The training pitch is where you are going to turn them into superstars. The strategies boards are where you build a winning strategy with the right mix of preparation and your own unique style of playing.

Sit back and watch as the 2D game engine brings your dream to life when the pregame plans are completed and that’s when the adventure really starts. The game is moving closer to the vision of running the best clubs in the world and new features are bringing FM20 Mobile to new heights.
The pretty game literally is in your hands now!


From the introductory aspect, these brands of the game are:


Do you want to practice domestic glory or check yourself outside? The Danish and Greek leagues’ launch means that there are more prospects than ever before, while Dutch and Portuguese make this our most diverse smartphone package to date.



A streamlined program to encourage youth candidates incorporates increased strategic input with the opportunity to appoint senior players to mentor the talented young people.


Tournaments give the game time needed to talented youngsters by adding reserve teams.

Can they offer you enough potential to give them game time or will beat you by their national sides calling them up to their U21 team, which is new for this season too.


A reworked news framework provides you with insight on how game events influence your players, while more ways to react and connect allow you to better understand and impact the satisfaction of your players.


Called derbies add spice to the pre-match build-up and will make certain vital matches against the rivals much more meaty, whereas club enmity will now have a greater impact elsewhere in the league.


    • Added in ‘Mark Read’ button.
    • Cleared mentoring when leaving club.
    • Fixed reserve game rescheduled.
    • Fixed transfer rationale problems.
    • Fixed retirement problems Fixed numerous news issues.
    • Increased performance.
    • Enhanced young attacker advancement.
    • Made ball more accessible.
    • Teams support speed more heavily.
    • Prevented keeper kit clash.
    • Reduced heavy training injuries.
    • Squad numbers page change.

When you download football manager 2020 mobile, you begin to have access to picking real player names of your choice with which you manege your favorite team. The latest version of the football manager 11.3.0 apk obb for Android phone is perfect for this. It comes along with FM 20 license fixed with feature of save data.

The peculiar feature of the football manager 2020 Android game include the chances to become real team manager that buy and sell players, loan players and train players to take your favorite team to the top of the league you are in. Especially to win league trophies.

More also, there are 20 countries with different leagues of about 57 in number to choose in football manager 2020 mobile.

Training mode of the game provides you the great way to build your players. The great training mode will make your chosen team indomitable among other squads.

Different spectacular formations are on FM 2020 mobile apk. For instance, there is 4-5-1 formation as well as 4-4-2, 4-2-4, 4-3-3, 3-3-4 formations. Choosing any of these, you as playing manager will prepare your players with strong tactics to have only interesting matches.


Any formation you choose will determine whether your defense will be tight or loose. Aside that, strength of your midfield will depend on the formation. Therefore, it is so cool that there is provision for this option in Football Manager 2020 mobile apk

Football Manager 2020 Mobile Features

  • Fantastic Club Vision Features that give gamer good impressions on each football team in terms appearance and performance.


  • Amazing graphics is presented to make the stadium and the players’ performance more realistic than other football games.


  • Backrooms gives maximum supports and feedback for better gaming experience for football manager.


  • Players’ skills are also amazing and more realistic. This is as a result of match engine improvement that is included in the game apk features.


  • Compare to other football game apks, players’ face look more real exactly like the players in real life.

Download Football Manager 2020 Mobile Apk Obb File


The very first step to begin enjoying the latest version of FM 2020 mobile game is to get it downloaded on your mobile phone.

Download Football Manager 2020 Mobile Now

How To Install Football Manager 2020 Apk on Your Android Phones

Remember this file is the latest version. Therefore, if you have outdated version of the file on your mobile before, you have to first of all back up and then uninstall the current Obb data. After that, you can begin the process of installing this new version so as to prevent unnecessary error.


Now, to start Football Manager Mobile 2020 setup, switch off your data or internet data connection and clear Google play data and then begin the installations with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Zarchiver app and open it.
  2. Look for the FM 2020 mobile rar file you have downloaded via the Zarchiver app.
  3. Once found, click on it and extract it from the menu brought up for you.
  4. Then, click on the available icon on top of the Zarchiver app interface to locate your Device Memory.
  5. Inside the Phone or Device Memory, click on the Android Folder and then Obb Folder that is already created inside the Android Folder.
  6. At this juncture, click on the Extract and wait little bit for the FM 2020 mobile file to get extracted successfully. Notification for the successful extraction will pop up. Now, decompression is done!

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