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Easy Ways to Make Money As A Teenager

If you’re a kid who wants to make some money on your own, you ‘re not alone. Many teenagers are searching for ways to make money to cover the expenses. I mean, there’s stuff to buy-shoes, entertainment, electronic gadgets. Plus saving on vehicles, college costs and other major purchases.

Read on if you’re one of the many teenagers who need or want to raise money to cover those expenses. We have an comprehensive list of ways in which teens can make money. Pick what you think would work best for you today, and start earning from them!

Easy Ways to Make Money As A Teenage Online

There are an almost infinite number of ways that if you are a teenager you can rake in some cash. The options are numerous, ranging from online work to money-earning applications to in-person work.

Young businessmen are the working-class life-blood. They can be the community that grows up to build companies that will employ tens to hundreds of thousands of job-seekers.

Sites such as Young Founder provide startup kits for children and teens who want to successfully start and expand their own company. Or, with easy hard work, you can go it alone and take your skills from “beginners” to “experts” entrepreneurs.

Find out these suggestions about how to make money under 18. See if one – or more – can be used to attach a buffer to your savings account or pay for things you want or need.

  • Web-searching

Swagbucks is a legit website where people are paid for Internet browsing, and more. The points you earn are put in a “bank” and can be redeemed for gift cards to be used on Amazon or at local and online stores like Walmart , Target and Old Navy. You can get PayPal gift cards too.

Swagbucks will award you points for small tasks, like:

    • Complete enquiries or surveying
    • Playing games
    • Web search
    • Watch of video
    • Shop online
  • In your spare time, using your Swagbucks account will allow you to make money to pay for the things you need or want. At best, joining is secure.

Swagbucks has a 4.3/5 Trustpilot score and they get a $10 sign-up bonus on top of that!

  • Share your opinion and earn money

Companies like Survey Junkie would be helping you get your opinion paid for. Brands want your feedback, and willing to pay for it.

They have more than 10 million members and if you are at least 13 years old you can take surveys.

If you like to express your views on things – why not get paid for it?

How to Make Thousands of Dollars As A Teenager Offline

As a teenager, it’s pretty possible for you to earn thousands of dollars online. Look at these ways:

  • Clean Houses for the Men

Many people are keen on helping to keep their homes clean. Traditional cleaning services can therefore be costly. As a result , people could consider hiring teens for a fair price, who will clean their homes.

If you like cleaning and are good at specifics about it, you could consider a house cleaning business right for you. Make a list of what types of cleaning you’ll be doing to get your business started.

Are you going to clean the bathrooms and the kitchens for example? Do you want to dust? Vacuum cleaner? Want to clean the windows? Assure that the jobs you can do well are jobs.

Remember also to keep the safety aspect in mind. You might want to rule out cleaning window exteriors, for example, which involve a ladder.

Next, determine your hourly rate. Skilled maid cleaning services usually charge $25 to $35 an hour. Let’s say you decide that you can do your job fast, thoroughly and charge $15 an hour. You just gave potential customers a reason for hiring you over a conventional maid service.

You can get job by advertising family , friends and neighbors for your services.


  • Sell your old belongings

Is your closet filled with things you don’t need any more? Try selling them online or via a yard sale.

You’ve got video games, DVDs, or CDs lying around, for example? See what you can get for them on a site like Decluttr which makes getting rid of a lot of things quickly super easy.

If you don’t want to sell items one by one, then it can be a great option for Decluttr. You just scan all the items bar-codes, put them in a box, and put the free shipping label they provide.

Selling your things one by one will get you the most cash in hand to make the most of the money.

The general rule for the sale of used content is to charge 10 percent of the retail costs. For larger items such as gaming items, bicycles, or other sports equipment you may charge more. The better the condition that the products are in, the higher the price you are likely to get.

Want to help boost your earnings by selling your unwanted stuff? Pricing the goods reasonably for a quicker sale, and being able to haggle with customers.

Hint: perhaps you could talk to your parents about letting you sell some of their things.

Work out an arrangement in which you share the income with them in exchange for the work of selling the items.

  • Managing a Market Stand for Farmers

When adults set up a stand, many local farmer ‘s markets charge money, but allow kids to do so for free. If you have a small area in your yard, you might be able to grow vegetables for sale on a farmer’s market. At a farmer’s market, you may also sell baked goods or speciality foods.

Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables, farmer’s market vendors sell a range of products. Some sell bread, cookies, or muffins at dessert. Others sell canned jellies, pickles and other products from their own fruits or vegetables which they canned.

At our local farmer’s market, there was a group of teenagers who used to make brick oven pizzas and bread on the local farmer’s market.

Before selling baked goods or specialty foods, it is important to check the laws of your state regarding farmer’s market foods. However, the food laws in several States do not apply to the market booths in farmers.

  • Babysit

Are there small children in your neighborhood or extended members of your family who need child care? If so, babysitting services can be provided and some cash received that way.

In the school year you can sell your babysitting services during the nights and weekends. You might give nanny during the summer when the parents are at work and the children are out of school.

It’s not unusual to pay $10 an hour, $15 an hour or more for teen babysitters. Babysitting is a great job for adolescents (even aged 14 and 15) who are responsible, knowledgeable and enjoy being with children.

If you want to search for babysitting clients outside of your immediate family circle, relatives and neighbours, check out is a website which lists babysitters available in specific areas. If you are under 18, you will need to have permission from a parent or guardian to be identified on

  • Sitting Puppy

Another great job for teenagers involves sitting down with dogs. If they don’t want the pet to be alone, some people might want pet care while they are away at work.

Others may need pet care whilst on holiday. The amount of time it takes for pet sitting is dependent on the type of pet.

Dogs would probably require constant care, either at home (first get permission from your parents) or at home for the pet owner. Other pets like cats or fish might just allow you to check them in twice a day.

Decide beforehand which types of pets you will be sitting for and which you will not be sitting for. Set rates according to how much time you spend taking care of the pet each day. Hint: The we mentioned above. You can also register as a pet sitter at

  • Walking Dog

If you are looking to make money by helping animals but want a less time-consuming job, you might be able to offer dog walking services.

Many people don’t have time to walk their dogs but want to get exercise from their pets. Such individuals are going to pay a good hourly rate to have someone else walk their dog a few days a week.

Advertise your services with flyers from the neighbourhood, on Facebook or in local pet stores. You can also consider signing up for Rover to help you communicate with people in your area who need a dog walker.

If you walk dogs that get along with other pets, you can walk many at once and improve your profits. The clear schedule will help you keep track of your dog’s dedication to work while walking.

  • House Sit

If you have a holiday-going neighbor, friend or family member, they may want to employ a house sitter to make sure their home is not empty while they’re away.

The house-sitting clients can ask you to be there for an hour or two a day, depending on what they want. Or perhaps they just want to check in at the house every day. Some homeowners want a house sitter to spend the whole time they ‘re away in the house.

Make sure you get clear instructions about what type of house they ‘re going to want to sit until they agree to take up the job. Negotiate with potential customers the pay you will get, and get a signed contract.

  • Washing cars and vehicles

Many busy adults don’t have the time to wash their cars, but you can do some serious cash for them. Equipment like a bucket, soap, rags to wash with and towels to dry with will be needed.

If you are also cleaning the cars’ interior, you’ll want to get some cleaner window and paper towels. A hand-held handheld vacuum can be a great accessory too.

Most customers will require you to use their hose and water to wash the car’s exterior,. Some may provide you with their vacuum to vacuum the interior, but be sure to check with them before taking up the job.

If you come to their house to wash their car it will be a good selling point. That removes the need for them to make an extra stop at a service center for car washing.

Determine how long the cleaning job will take you, and bid an attractive rate that still gives you a good hourly salary. To increase your hourly rate, learn to work quickly and efficiently.

  • Homes or garages arranging

If you’re good at organization, you might start a business that organizes homes or garages for people. Many people want spaces organized but just don’t know where to start.

If you’ve got a knack for that kind of work you might be the answer to their prayers. Take a close look at the work that needs to be done before providing your services, and decide how many hours it will take you.

Then times the number of hours by your desired hourly rate and make the price for the job your offered. You can advertise on Twitter, with flyers or by email. Call relatives, neighbors and family members and let them know about the services you coordinate.

  • Offer Water and Food

There are a number of places where you could sell local residents beverages (like lemonade) and snacks (baked goods). There are some suggestions at busy street corners, outside municipal baseball parks (if your town requires it) and at garage sales.

These types of undertakings are particularly successful in summertime or during busy event times. When we go to local state fairgrounds, some vendors sell bottled water and other packaged snacks on the sidewalk.

  • Give Your Video Games for Rent

You can rent them to friends for a small fee if you have a lot of video games or books. Pay them a certain amount to rent the item for a week or two, and be sure to inform them if the item is not returned to you on time there will be a late charge.

Keep a file of a notebook that has what items and when they are due back so you don’t lose track of your things.

Do pitch job

One of the things my kids used to do was assist with lawn work for their great aunt. In the spring , summer, and fall, they would mow the lawn and rake leaves for her in the late fall.

She paid them well for the job, and it made her life easier.

It is likely that at least some residents in your neighborhood will be able to use support to maintain their lawns. Ask your parents if you can use their lawnmower (offer to pay for the gas that they use from your earnings) or you can use the mower of each client if they have one that they are able to use.

If you are not interested in mowing lawns, if you live in a colder climate, you might be able to offer rake and bag leaves in fall or shovel snow in winter.

  • Weeding Gardens

If you have flower and vegetable gardens in your neighbourhood, you may be able to earn some money by offering them to pull weeds from the yard.

In most gardens, weeding generally needs to be done on a weekly basis and is hard work for older people so they may appreciate a teen who takes this job off their hands.

  • Gather aluminum canisters

If you drink a lot of canned drinks and sodas from your neighbors, consider asking them if you can pick up their discarded soda and other beverage cans once a week.

Then take the boxes to a local recycling center where they will pay you cash for your aluminum box.

Ways to get the most out of your earning skills

Anyone can do a job but keeping customers coming back requires certain skills. Here are some things you can do to help maximize the money you can make at the jobs you do.

Stay on Time

In the world of work timeliness is a big deal. Tell your clients or boss whenever you work that you value the job by being on time, wherever. Turn up early if need be, but stop late.

Have a good attitude

Workers and business owners will go much further with friendly , positive attitudes, work much longer and earn much more money than those with a downtrodden demeanor and a negative attitude.

Choose to be happy in the work environment and have a cheerful disposition spread joy to others.


A professional employee or business owner has certain properties. They work well with others, for example, they avoid gossip at the office and they take their work seriously.

Make sure you have a professional attitude regarding whatever money you ‘re involved in making ventures.

Really do your job well

Be sure to do your work to the best of your ability to keep clients coming back for more business and help ensure your boss continues to keep you as an employee.

Do what’s asked of you, and follow as described, any directions.

Providing high quality products
If you are working through the sale of items you make or own to make money, be sure to provide quality products.

Take the time to do your best when selling things that you make like jewelry or artwork, and when selling products that you own, be sure to clean them up and have them in good working order.

Go that extra mile

Going the extra mile is particularly important when you are running a business like a car washing business or house cleaning business. One way to help ensure clients continue to ask you to do more work for them is to go beyond and beyond.

For example, organize a small closet as a bonus, if you are doing a house cleaning job. If you’re doing car washing, wash a carpet stain free of charge.

Make sure that your added “extra mile” jobs don’t take up too much of your time but benefit the customer. The additional effort that you are making will help give them a reason to use your services again.

Practice protection when you work

Still put in place protections as you work. It could mean keeping chemicals out of reach of small children or pets while you are doing a cleaning job, or having a parent accompany you to meet a new client or work for someone you don’t know very well.

Workplace safety is good for customers and for you.


There are a lot of ways you can put money into your pocket as a teen. You can raise serious cash in no time with a little imagination, and some hard work.

Have you tried any of those easy ways to make money as a teenager? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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